Sunday, May 31, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

What a proud day it was for me when my daughter Piper (5) said to me "Mommy, I wanna run just like you". Seeings how she is just like me I ignored her. See... I am very fickle so that means she is very fickle and figured this phase would pass just like Dora the Explorer and My Little Ponies. Much to my surprise however, this kept coming up. Each time it came up I gave it a little more thought but I have to admit I really never considered her serious about "actually" wanting to run.

A few weeks ago, much to my distress, I was forced to take my children to the running store when I went to get fit for my new shoes. I may be selfish but I hate shopping with my children. I spend more time correcting them than I do concentrating on my tasks at hand. Inevitably I end up forgetting something or leaving the store completly frustrated (sometimes fumeing mad).

Anyway, this day may children were infact behaving and Piper asked if she could now get running shoes so she could run with me. Throwing caution to the wind I said "Yes".

Curtis, the owner of my favorite running store (The Complete Runner) fit Piper for her first Real pair of running shoes. They had to order them but I felt good about our big step. Piper was really excited and did not stop talking about her shoes that were coming.

A week later the store called and her shoes were in. To avoid the stress of shopping alone with both kids we went in the evening so I could bring back up... my husband. When they brought out the shoes, my first thought was oh no, they are blue. Piper is the ultimate princess and everything has to be pink. I did not say a word and to my real surprise neither did she. She put them on (they fit great) and she ran around and said "I Love them!"

We headed to Target to get some workout clothes. They have GREAT kids workout clothes if you have not checked them out. Piper of course picked out the running skirt to be like me and to cover the "princess" part of the ensemble. Princess Piper, of course, had to have a pair of stylish shades. I never knew how much my little running buddy was going to cost me.

This morning we got geared up and went for our first official training run. We had a safety road talk. We talked about pace and how we were not going to go sprinting off into the sunrise. We talked a little about form...leaving a lot of room for me to see just how she ran naturally. We set a goal of running to her friend Tate's house and back so off we went. She was a rock star! She had great form, held a steady pace, and looked cute to boot.

Piper ran her first HALF MILE! (it was longer than it looked!) There is a kids race here in August called the Teddy Bear Trot. it is a fun run that is linked to the Crim Festival of Races check it out. Anyway I think I am going to run this with Piper! Yeah...I have a new running buddy.


  1. Yay for Piper! I remember how proud I was of Joseph when he ran his first Crim Kids race. He has amazing endurance and much better feet than his momma! (no high sprains for him!)

  2. How awesome!! You are such a great mom. Keep us posted on her race!!

    She sounds so much like my Paige. We had to buy the pink running skirt from Target, also, for her race debut!! :-)

  3. That is so great good what a good way to bond and get some exercise. :) Go Piper!! Can't wait to hear her first race report.