Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

OK kids lets talk training (or there lack of). After Chicago I pretty much stopped running cold turkey, only running a few miles here and there or whenever the mood would strike. I would love to blame the snow and cold weather on my lack of mileage or even a great injury but the cold hard truth is I was lazy.

Spring time start up has been harsh and yet it has brought with it a rebirth of the deep love of running I remember having last year. My first run was slow. I felt as if my legs we not my own. It did not go as I had planned in my head. I think I was expecting that I would be able to go out and run as if I were in pre-marathon shape not post winter (10+ pounds fat & -10 pounds muscle). Still I powered through (sort of) and I laced up my shoes for a second and even a third run.

I am now up to a long run and 1 to 2 short runs. I can't believe it... my running actually is starting to resemble a real running schedule again. I truly never thought I would get back here. My first run felt so bad and so sluggish. I was so angry and discouraged I almost quit. I was angry that I had let myself get that far out of shape. I have to admit though, I am really surprised just how quick it has come back...especially the running OCD.

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  1. Love the 10+/-10 comment -- I am right there with you... Happy running!